amalfi coast villas

Amazing amalfi coast villas: the mediterranean sea you have always dreamed of

Are you considering amalfi coast villas as an option for your next Italian holiday? Then you should take a look at La Bella Toscana: read the following lines about us...

A land of lemons and Limoncello, of great food and special wines, a land where sea and mountains kiss each other in a way you will only see in Southern Italy. But most of all this is a land with a special atmosphere, something that words and pictures cannot really describe. The coast of Amalfi, the coast of Sorrento and all the area around Naples are not just a place to see or visit, they are actually a place to breathe and live: the only way to discover why is to go there...

No other way than renting one of the amalfi coast villas chosen by La Bella Toscana can be better if you really want to have a great time near Amalfi, a true pearl in Southern Italy. La Bella Toscana started out offering villas for rent in Tuscany but enthusiastically decided to expand to include this beautiful area, located just South of the Gulf of Naples, Later some lovely properties in Umbria were also added to the selection.

Why? Well, the full list of reasons would be too long, but here are just some of them:

  • the sun, the breeze blowing off the sea and even the air you breathe cannot be compared ;
  • some of the amalfi coast villas with pool here are incredibly beautiful;
  • it is really hard to stay away from this land, once you have discovered it, you have to return;
  • people here are friendly and welcoming;
  • artistic and natural wonders are all around you.
So take a little break and consider all the options brought to you by La Bella Toscana, it is definitely worth spending a little of your time: only here can you find the private villas in the amalfi coast of your dreams, and take advantage of the lowest possible prices and an efficient reservations team.

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