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The Etruscan Civilisation, roughly covering an area now corresponding to Tuscany (Tusci was in fact their Latin name) is one of the most interesting of the Italian history. Instead of being conquered by the Romans, as it was once thought, the Etruscans actually dominated them at the beginning (possibly even some of the first Kings of Rome themselves were Etruscans) and only later did the two populations merge: In fact clear signs of the Etruscan influence can be found in many Roman customs, as well as its architecture, mythology and art.

Whether you are planning to come to Tuscany to visit some of the interesting Etruscan museums and tombs or you simply want to relax in holiday villas to rent in tuscany, the right people to help you are La Bella Toscana: the information we will give you about any accommodation is full and thorough, so that just by reading it you can be certain which large villas to rent in tuscany you want to choose.

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