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Amazing Tuscany apartments in central Italy

Are you surfing the net looking for some beautiful Tuscany apartments? In the next paragraphs you will read about them on La Bella Toscana, take a look!

The name Tuscany (Toscana in Italian) comes from Tusci, the name given by the Romans to the the Etruscan people who inhabited this part of Italy. Their origins are still partly mysterious, but what is well known is that the Etruscans did have a great influence on the Italian history: rather than being conquered by the Romans, it is actually more correct to say that the two civilisations merged.

Many precious Etruscan sites have been discovered in Italy, and visiting them is a good opportunity for those who spend some time in Tuscany.

There are many different reasons to get to Tuscany, but when you do you definitely need to stay in one of Tuscany apartments you can find on La Bella Toscana, because when you are on vacation you need to:

  • stay at a comfortable place;
  • save money, still staying at some high quality accommodation;
  • relax, away from hustle and bustle.
  • be sure that your tuscany apartments is exactly what you wanted.

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If there are other details you would like to know or any specific question not answered in our FAQ section, you are always free to contact us directly or via our agents: the team of La Bella Toscana is willing to help you and assist you in any possible way.

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