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Lost in the jungle of offers about tuscany holiday homes? Find the way out by reading the few next lines about La Bella Toscana: after that it will all become clearer...

A tradition since 1656: is the Palio di Siena, an amazing horse race where the jockeys ride bareback around the central square (Piazza del Campo) three times, aiming for a victory which will be the pride of the Contrada (city districts) they run for, for the whole of the year. To people who are not from Siena it is almost impossible to understand how important and prestigious the Palio is to the town, but even couples are known not to meet each other for weeks before the event if husband and wife are not from the same Contrada!

The best time of the year to visit tuscany goes all the way through from January to December, and that is why all year round it is not so simple to find perfect tuscany holiday homes and apartments available at a good price: tariffs can get very high, and even when you pay a lot sometimes you do not get what you expected.

A great way to avoid this is by turning to La Bella Toscana for help. Browse its incredibly varied accommodation portfolio including:

  • large villas in every part of Tuscany, including exclusive villas far from the crowd;
  • apartments in the centre of some of the most famous historic villages;
  • dream holidays homes;
  • houses and villas just near the coast or with pool, for those who enjoy summer close to the beach too.
Last minute offers may also be available, and if you like something special or some accommodation with special features (for example an ex barn converted into a wonderful house) have a look at our Quality and Value selection: your favourite tuscan holiday homes may just be there.

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