Vacation rentals in Tuscany: stay in this wonderful italian region

If you always wanted to spend a holiday in Tuscany, La Bella Toscana and its vacation rentals Tuscany will be the perfect partner for your plans. Keep reading the following to find out why.

Tuscany is well known for its superior yet simple cuisine: the focus is on enhancing the ingredients’ natural flavour, not on the use of sauces and seasonings that can cover the real taste. Local dishes from originating from mountains, plains, sea, cities and villages, all give their contribution to the regional cuisine. Here are some examples:

  • seafood is freshly available and a huge variety is included in the “Cacciucco” (seafood soup);
  • bistecca Fiorentina is a perfectly grilled T-bone served with olive oil;
  • ribollita is a thick soup made with vegetables, beans and bread;
  • finocchiona is a typical salami flavoured with fennel seeds.
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