villas in san gimignano

Villas in San Gimignano: medieval towers all around you

Are you wondering if there are Villas in San Gimignano with available rooms to spend a fantastic holiday? Find the answer in the next words written by La Bella Toscana, it will not disappoint you!

San Gimignano is a village in central Italy inhabited by about 7'000 people. Other than being famous for its local white wine, named Vernaccia di San Gimignano, it is also a well known tourist destination for the medieval architecture of its historical centre, so well preserved (actually one of the best preserved in the whole world) that it has been part of the Unesco World Heritage List since 1990. The village is also called "the city of the 100 towers", and once you are there it will be obvious why.

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What you many need is an answer to one or more of the following questions:

is there a train station nearby?

what is the weather like in the village that I have chosen?

what about the local public transport?

can I play any sports during my stay?

would it be possible to travel to cities like Rome, Florence and Pisa once I am there?

will the seaside be far from me?

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