The Fisiocritici Academy natural history museum is a chest of wonders in the heart of Siena. It is housed in the old Camaldolesian monastery which dates back to the 12th century. In 1816, the Granduke of Tuscany bequeathed to the Academy its present seat.

Pirro Maria Gabbrielli, professor of theoretical Medicine and botany founded the Academy with the aim of promoting and celebrating the study of natural science. He had built the Fisiocritic Eliometer which regulated Siena’s clocks, starting from the one on the magnificent tower “Torre del Mangia” up to those ticking Sienese religious and public life throughout the 18th century.

The museum houses a geological collection as well as zoology and anatomy departments in the upper cloisters. Besides storing natural history treasures it also preserves a unique historical and scientific heritage.

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