The Royal Palace of Caserta is considered as the last great creation of the Italian Baroque and, together with the San Leucio complex, it has been recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Since the museum director Mauro Felicori was tasked with reviving the fortunes of the Royal palace, the number of visitors showed a slight increase. He believes that it’s essential to reconstruct its history in order to look forward. The former royal residence in Caserta, built for the kings of Naples, is an invaluable resource located in the centre of the Bourbon sites that Felicori wants to relaunch as a system.

This could make the complex of the Palace a centre of culture connected to the contemporary. From the reborn Royal Palace of Caserta to the craftsman village of San Leucio and to the Museum of Pietrarsa, all the best of this fabulous area to discover some of the most charming cultural places of the project “Aperti per Voi” an initiative that protects and promotes Italy’s cultural heritage.

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