Cantine aperte

Cantine Aperte means Open Wine Cellars. This Italian national event started in 1993 and it’s the most important wine festival in Italy.

It is the wine producer’s way to make their life's work, their passion and its result accessible to those who are curious. It’s a festival dedicated to all wine lovers who want to learn how the “nectar of god” is made and taste different types of wine together with typical local products. In fact it isn’t only about wine: many of the vineyards make olive oil, fruit, honey, cheese and cold cuts. It’s a perfect chance for tourists to taste a bit of everything while enjoying the essence of Italian country side.

There are various events during the year when the producers open their doors to the public. There are also vineyards in every region of Italy and particularly in Tuscany the initiative enters into every corner of the region.

This is our suggested properties in the nearby:

Albo is a romantic apartment on a wine producing estate in the heart of the Chianti. Beyond the estate there are vineyards and olive groves from which the owners produce excellent wine and oil.

Nappo is a charming apartment on a wine producing estate situated in a fantastic position in the centre of the Chianti region.

Terra is a delightful split level apartment on a wine producing estate immersed in stunning Chianti countryside.

No matter where you’re spending your holiday, Florence, Siena, Arezzo or Lucca, you will surely be able to find a close vineyard to visit!