Monteriggioni The crowning of the towers

July 2017 - Monteriggioni

The Medieval Festival Monteriggioni di torri si corona, held in Monteriggioni mid July is particularly awesome, the ancient inhabitants reappear as if by magic to line the streets beneath lanterns and torches, characteristic figures in medieval dress that animate stalls and workshops appear reminding us of what life was like in what was once one of the more colourful and prosperous centres in the years of the Siennese Republic .

This medieval festival is now very well known and is one of the three most important of its kind in Italy. It evokes not only the history and the traditions of the period, but also the atmosphere and tastes. During these days in July, it’s like going back in time to the mid 1200’s when Monteriggioni Castle was a military garrison with many inhabitants.

Forgotten flavours and aromas fill the air, all around games and scenes from a distant age, with acrobats, minstrels and men at arms. An occasion not to be missed to relive this delightful period of the past.