Olive Oil: Tuscany's "liquid gold"

Homer called it "liquid gold." Olive oil is more than simple food to the people of the Mediterranean: it’s an endless source of power and health. It has been produced throughout the Mediterranean for centuries but some of the most highest quality oils come from Tuscany. Olive oil has become a symbol of Tuscany. Some of the world’s best extra virgin olive oil comes from the Chianti region. This wonderful region itself produces numerous regional oils, each with unique flavours and characteristics. In Tuscany olives are usually hand-picked before they reach complete ripeness, from November to December. Every year, at this time of year, Tuscany is busy extracting its precious extra virgin olive oil from its olive groves.

Olive oil harvests are really something to see, and even to take part in. Take a look at our selection of properties surrounded by olive groves and vineyards!

Nappo is a charming apartment in a fabulous position in the centre of the Chianti region.

Marina is a spacious apartment situated in a fantastic position above San Gimignano with lovely views of the countryside and the medieval town across the valley.