The origin of beauty: The dancers from the Villa of the Papyri

This is a story of coincidences, lucky encounters and shared passions. Protagonists five incredible dancers, an enlightened editor who published the precious volume “Le Danzatrici della Villa di Papiri”, an enthusiast photographer who offered a visual description of the five moving young women and an erudite museum director, Valeria Sanpaolo. “Their mission is to transmit the values of beauty and quality aiming to excellence, since quality and beauty, together with education, can save the world” as the Belgian editor Eric Ghysels said.

The five beautiful Dancers are today exhibited in the Archeological Museum in Naples. The Villa of the Papyri in the ancient Roman city Herculaneum is a unique discovery in the history of archaeology, adorned by more than one hundred marble and bronze sculptures and with a collection of over one thousand papyrus scrolls. The five protagonists of this story come from this legendary place: they were discovered beneath the ashes of Vesuvius by archaeologist Karl Weber between 1754 and 1756.

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