Wonderful choice of apartments and villas with terraces and sea views on the Amalfi coast

Amalfi is a picturesque seaside resort with a vibrant Italian atmosphere, breath taking views and a unique natural beauty. Amalfi was one of the first ‘Sea Republics’, together with Pisa, Venice and Genova, and was a bustling port trading paper, coffee and carpets. Amalfi in fact had its own mills making the famous Amalfi paper which is still produced locally today. The town has a rich maritime history and was also the birthplace of the inventor of the compass Flavio Gioia in fact the square by the sea port is named in his memory. Both in and around Amalfi we have a wonderful choice of apartments and villas most with terraces and sea views. There are many fascinating tales about Amalfi and many historical monuments to see such as the beautiful Cathedral, old dockyards and paper mills. The town is a real pleasure to explore, a winding maze of streets and steps lead up to the town on the hill side and there are many shops to browse and local restaurants to try. The small but bustling port has ferry services to the lovely islands of Capri and Ischia and there are also boat trips along coast. Amalfi also boasts a pretty beach ideal for soaking up the sun and taking a cooling dip in the clear blue sea. Below is a list of our apartments and villas many with seas views and panoramic terraces both in and around Amalfi.