Cerreto Guidi

Apartments and villas with swimming pool in Cerreto Guidi

Cerreto Guidi is in the province of Florence and is located about 30 km west this wonderful city, centre of art, culture, rich in history and filled with museums, beautiful churches and piazzas. Set in the Valdarno area, Cerreto is a small charming Renaissance village and is a perfect base to visit several important villages in the area including Leonardo's home town of Vinci, Padule di Fucecchio, a preserved area with rare flora and fauna and Montalbano. If you are in the area in September, you shouldn’t miss the historical event of the Palio of Cerro which takes palce in Cerreto. Renting an apartment near Cerreto Guidi allows you to leisurely enjoy this wonderful location. Here is a selection of apartments and villas for an unforgettable holiday in Cerreto Guidi.