Villas and apartments for holidays on the Tuscan coast

Main center of Val di Cornia and hub of the steel industry in Tuscany, Piombino is the second port of Tuscany after the one in Livorno. The city has preserved its glorious past, from its Etruscan origins to the Principality of Piombino. In the historical center there are many architectural monuments and works of art of artists as Leonardo da Vinci. The city lies along the Etruscan Coast, and is separated from the island of Elba by the Channel of Piombino, 10 km wide, which is the stretch of sea that marks the eastern border between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The coastline is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches from which you can admire the Tuscan Archipelago and the island of Corsica, reachable by ferry from the port of Piombino. Among the most beautiful stretches of the coast stands the Gulf of Baratti, on which is also an important archaeological site with the Etruscan remains of Populonia. Here is a selection of apartments and villas for an unforgettable holiday on the Tuscan coast.