Ferie delle Messi

The Medieval Harvest Festival or Ferie delle Messi takes place every year in San Gimignano. It’s a medieval celebration organized by The Knights of Saint Fina, a local association which was born with the aim of reviving the medieval traditions of the ancient town of San Gimignano.

The Ferie Messum is a fertility festival which dates back to the 13th century. In the past the whole population used to take part in the event during which the “Contrade” of the city used to compete in traditional games in honor of fertility. They used to dance and play medieval games to obtain abundant harvest.

Today, the event takes place on the third weekend of June. San Gimignano takes a step back in time recalling the ancient traditions and offering a typical medieval atmosphere with markets of medieval arts and crafts.

You shouldn’t miss the costume parade, one of the most popular events of the festival and the performances of musicians, actors and archers.

Our suggested properties to spend an unforgettable holiday in the nearby:

Il Granaio is a detached cottage on a beautiful estate with swimming pool and a large private terrace with pretty views of the medieval town of san Gimignano.

Casa di Gloria is a lovely house on a estate near San Gimignano. It has a pretty secluded garden area and a large swimming pool.