Naples and its rich tradition of Art and Crafts. Naples is a known the world over for being a totally unique bustling busy city, the life and soul...Read more
Florence , the capital of Tuscany, is a beautiful city, a centre of art, culture, rich in history and steeped in tradition. Filled with museums, beautiful...Read more
The Val d’Orcia in Southern Tuscany probably depicts the essence of Tuscany everyone imagines with gorgeous landscapes of rolling hills and valleys,...Read more
GIGLIO ISLAND- WILD NATURE, unexpected attractions. Thanks to unspoilt nature and clear blue sea, during the summer the three villages of the island are...Read more
If you’re an artist or a sculptor you’ll no doubt have heard of Pietrasanta, if you’re not you probably haven’t and are missing...Read more
Cortona is a town that has always interested travelers to Tuscany, but until recently only a discerning few tourists knew of its existence most preferring...Read more
Todi, needs little introduction, one of the most beautiful towns in Umbria, and an exquisite mixture of Renaissance and medieval architecture. Nothing...Read more
Todi, needs little introduction, one of the most beautiful towns in Umbria, and an exquisite mixture of Renaissance and medieval architecture. Nothing...Read more
juli 2017 Certaldo Mercantia is een gezellige lokale markt in het oude gedeelte van Certaldo. U kunt uw auto parkeren in het nieuwe gedeelte van Certaldo...Read more
juli 2017 - Monteriggiorni Dit middeleeuwse festival Monteriggione di torre si corona te Monteriggione, wordt midden juli gehouden en is absoluut het bezoeken...Read more
2nd July & 16th August - SienaOn the 2nd July and 16th August every year, an unique horse race takes place in the Piazza del Campo in Siena, one of...Read more
juli - Casole d'ElsaDe Palio van Casole d’Elsa is de kleinere versie van de beroemde Palio van Siena. Het vindt elk jaar op de 2e zondag van juli...Read more
Luci d’Artista, Artist’s Lights, is a contemporary art exhibition which takes place in Salerno. From November 2014 till January 2015 it’s...Read more
The primary vocation of Prato is experimenting. Congenital energy constantly evolving, where today is tomorrow and the past has a future. The name itself...Read more
San Gimignano is a wonderful walled medieval town in the province of Siena with a spectacular hilltop setting. Its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage...Read more
If you can’t decide between the gulf of Naples and the gulf of Salerno, Sant’Agata is the perfect choice since it lies on a hill between the...Read more
In Naples and at the archaeological site the history of the excavation inspires artists from all over the world. Two parallel exhibits, two exhibition...Read more
Homer called it "liquid gold." Olive oil is more than simple food to the people of the Mediterranean: it’s an endless source of power and health....Read more
One of the oldest cattle breeds in the world, the Chianina has been raised for over twenty-two centuries and was named after the Val di Chiana, the fertile...Read more
The Medieval Harvest Festival or Ferie delle Messi takes place every year in San Gimignano. It’s a medieval celebration organized by The Knights...Read more
In the heart of the Greek Neapolis, through the historic buildings near Piazza Bellini and Port’Alba, the notes of the Conservatory resound making...Read more
Sand dunes are accumulations of sand formed by either wind or water flow. Dunes are a natural barrier against coastal storms and beach erosion.Woody bushes...Read more
Far from being a famous destination, Praiano is yet undiscovered by mass tourism, although its touristic tradition which dates back to the Maritime Republic...Read more
Also known as the Sirenusas, named after the mythological sirens who were said to have inhabited the islands, Li Galli is a small archipelago made of three...Read more
Il Sentiero degli Dei passes through the Monti Lattari and then runs from Agerola to the sea. The Path starts at the town square, Paolo Capasso, in Bomerano,...Read more
The idea of making the old Spoleto – Norcia railway into a cycling track is recent. Even though it’s located in the sweet Umbria it is an arduous...Read more
This is a story of coincidences, lucky encounters and shared passions. Protagonists five incredible dancers, an enlightened editor who published the precious...Read more
Umbria is the perfect location to immerse yourself in the Italian culture. Three reasons why you should visit it: its spectacular natural landscape, its...Read more
Cantine Aperte means Open Wine Cellars. This Italian national event started in 1993 and it’s the most important wine festival in Italy.It is the...Read more
The territory known as Mugello is a wide green valley in northern Tuscany, a few kilometers north of Florence. It’s that slice of Tuscany nestled...Read more
Procida has managed to keep its existence secret, it has voluntarily carved out a very exclusive niche in the tourism industry, avoiding mass tourism....Read more
The Fisiocritici Academy natural history museum is a chest of wonders in the heart of Siena. It is housed in the old Camaldolesian monastery which dates...Read more
The Royal Palace of Caserta is considered as the last great creation of the Italian Baroque and, together with the San Leucio complex, it has been recognized...Read more
Only vintage bikes made before 1987 can enter and riders wear wool jerseys, leather shoes and small peak caps just like old times. “Eroica”...Read more
La Bella Toscana seeks German agent. Should be resident in Germany and fluent in German and English or Italian. Knowledge of italy an advantage. Please...Read more
Veel van onze appartementen kunnen worden samengevoegd voor grotere groepen. Voor meer informatie kunt u contact met ons opnemen.Villa Il Podere (8 of 11 pe...Read more
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juni 2017 - San Gimignano Het middeleeuwse stadje San Gimignano is in de maand juni gastheer van het oogst festival. In de straten staan stalletjes opgesteld...Read more
“The past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past”, said William Faulkner. Of course, when he wrote these words he wasn’t thinking...Read more